I don’t care

Sometimes I have everything on my mind that nothing makes it out to words. I rather put thoughts to pen and paper but digital is the quickest way, this blog won’t be fun. It’s not for amusement or for likes, I’m not clever enough to be entertaining for followers nor I care to. This was a way of me to quickly purge out thoughts, and occasionally some poems, stories, or sonnets. I’m not a great writer, what writer ever thinks they are? My context tends to lean to the … sullen side. I’m perfectly fine, I’m grateful for my life short may it be due to heart failure, Lupus, sudden death? I have just always had more of a talent for writing about the darker things in life, darkness has a unique beauty that is often over looked. I suppose I’m a cliche, a “tortured writer” and all. Normal people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is out of fear of looking depressed. It’s not depression, it’s life. Life is naturally dark, and we all carry darkness within us.


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