Snow White Rewritten 

  • first draft short story 
  • artwork is also first draft 

What if the poison apple couldn’t kill Snow White? A soul so pure and full of innocence couldn’t be diminished by simple poison concocted in jealousy, but it could harm mortal flesh. Her teeth sunk into the poisoned peel of the shiny apple; it’s sweet poison trickling down her throat making its way into her fragile body within seconds. The poison flowed through her veins destroying everything in its path, swiftly reaching her beautiful beating heart. A heart with a beat so fierce and free could not be stopped by simple jealousy, evil, and lies…not even poison. In fact each beat of her heart helped spread the toxic fluid through her whole body. She withered in pain as she dropped to the floor, it did not take long for the poison to circulate all the way down to the tips of her toes. Curled up in a ball, her arms wrapped over her stomach quivering as her flesh deteriorated. Though her innocent strong heart was not effected by the evil Queen’s poison, her body could not withstand it. Her body was so soft, so fragile, so human. Just flesh and bone; a shell that carries our soul.

The poison had destroyed her human disguise to reveal her true spirit. There was a reason why all the Forrest creatures were attracted to Snow White, not just for her singing. She had the innocence of an animal. Like her..animals could not harbor any feelings of hate and evil. They did not covet, they did not lie, steal and cheat. Only humans were capable of such immoral behavior. Not just her innocence but many of her traits were animalistic indeed. Snow White’s every movement had the grace of a gazelle, no mortal was capable of moving the way she did. Her big brown doe eyes, reflecting nothing but trust for all whom she encountered. She had a voice, delicate and colored in sweetness just like a nightingale’s sweet serenade. 

The poison withered away her temporary human form to reveal her true self. A deer, but no ordinary deer but the spirit of the forrest. Graceful, beautiful, and the most noblest of creatures on this earth. The poison could never harm our dearest Snow White. Not an everlasting soul like hers. To the evil Queen’s dismay it had only enhanced her by shedding away the outer layer, loving warmth radiated from her heart. The world could finally see Snow White’s pure soul. For in this corrupt human world of ours, there is no truer soul than that of the innocence of animals.


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